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Client Overview

Wigwam® Holidays has become one of the fastest growing alternative holiday brands in the United Kingdom. Rapidly gaining reputation as the market leader in high-quality, affordable holiday experiences. With over 80 locations around the United Kingdom dedicated to delivering the best glamping experiences in the country, the businesses franchise model, a first in the industry, creates a business network for like-minded land owners who want to diversify into glamping.

A company with a history of firsts, Wigwam® created the first ever en-suite cabin, revolutionising the industry. Later, Wigwam® would also create the UK’s first wheelchair-accessible glamping ‘pod’. In a highly competitive market, Wigwam® strives for excellence and innovation, to become a beacon of light in a sea of choice.

These powerful company attributes resonated well with Clear Click, and mutual appreciation of values and ambition was struck between both companies. In early 2022, Wigwam® appointed Clear Click as their digital marketing partner.


Facilitating a fast onboarding process

Switching marketing agencies is never easy. The cost of establishing new relationships can be resource intensive. Wigwam® had been using their previous suppliers for several years, however the business had reached a point where they required more technical expertise in scaling their business to reach new heights. Wigwam® required Clear Click to onboard quickly, with consultants resourced to audit historical data and provide insights, informing stakeholders on budget allocation, best practices, and tactics Clear Click would be using to reach marketing and business objectives in a timely manner.

Fostering a culture of data-driven decisions

Wigwams franchise business model and large in-house team required a way in which key stakeholders from across the business can view, in detail, key performance metrics. Having a built-for-purpose reporting methodology was key to delivering successful improvements across the business by influencing key stakeholders and highlighting areas of strengths.

Scaling a complex Google Ads account to reach ambitious revenue targets

The client had an already successful Google Ads account generating a modest level of revenue and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) on a monthly basis, however with the focus on scaling the business to increase revenues, Wigwam Holidays tasked Clear Clicks PPC team to build a strategy to scale their Google Ads account to achieve a 20% increase in monthly revenue, whilst keeping ROAS at a stable level.

Creating a business use case for Meta Ads to be deployed at scale.

The client appointed Clear Click with investment to build a business case for using Meta Ads at scale to increase bookings and revenue. The challenge involved hypothesis testing and using what data the team had at hand to set out an initial strategy. The client wanted to see results quickly, which added an extra layer of complexity to the paid social teams testing.


Agile communication used to build strong foundations of the partnership

Clear Clicks clients have the option of having their own slack environment. This not only increases the speed at which both companies can work through sharing deliverables, but it also reduces the time spent on emails and phone calls. Both sides can add or remove team members as needed throughout the duration of projects, which was very helpful for both companies when managing stakeholders. The use of this effective and efficient communication allowed Clear Click to provide data-driven insights and a clear roadmap of deliverables to the client.

Integrating advertising platforms and third-party software to create a fit for purpose reporting framework

Clear Click's attention to detail in the planning phase of the Google Data Studio Dashboard made sure that the dashboard was delivered on time, exceeding expectations of all stakeholders involved. The creation of a 8-page dashboard plugging in data from all relevant platforms has allowed all stakeholders involved in the growth of the business to interpret large data sets into easy-to-understand visuals. The report is monitored by the team at Clear Click and updated when required, however the reporting structure is set to automatically refresh itself without the need for time intensive tasks of manipulating numbers of graphs on a regular basis.

In-house forecasting models using historical data, and adopting a test and learn approach to new campaign types.

Clear Clicks PPC team analysed large amounts of historical data provided by Wigwam, learning from trends and creating hypotheses based on real-time data. Clear Click used an in-house forecasting model to provide the client an accurate representation of how much revenue could be expected within 2-months. This forecasting model set expectations and created accountability amongst stakeholders. Within two-months of Clear Click owning the Google Ads account, weekly revenue had risen by 2550%.

Performance Marketing Results

Focusing on locality, building a Meta Ads strategy powered by delivering relevant information to the right target audience, at the right time.

Our test and learn strategy quickly scaled into using locality as the key driver of building relevant advertising that speaks to the target audience. With over 80 sites across the United Kingdom, our audience sizes inflated quickly, allowing our teams to segment custom audiences in our remarketing funnels, which was key to increasing bookings by 71%. Using seasonality in advertising content, Clear Click was able to mitigate the risk of delivering the same content to the same audiences throughout the year, resulting in lower audience churn rate and keeping content refreshed for users across the Meta ecosystem.


2550% increase in weekly revenue from Google Ads within 2-months of owning the account. Maintaining a 25:1 ROAS whilst scaling Google Ads account. Streamlined communication with clients using Slack, enabling efficiencies in sign-off processes and allowing both parties to pivot quickly whilst building strong relationships.


Increase in weekly revenue from Google Ads


ROAS from Google Ads


Increase in bookings from Meta Ads


Having worked with the team at Clear Click team for a number of months on national and local PPC campaigns and SEO work, it's been fantastic to see the results come in. Their communication is great and as a company we are very satisfied. (Translated by Google) Having worked with the Clear Click team for several months on national and local PPC campaigns and SEO work, it has been fantastic to see the results. Their communication is excellent and as a company we are very satisfied.

Christo Gallagher
Head of Marketing

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