September 4, 2022
• 4 min read

Multiple times per year Google makes core updates to its algorithm that are aimed to strengthen the relevance of search results and serve content that is more helpful for everyone using their search engine.

These updates help to improve and shape the nature of the web, while not aimed at any specific site, these updates can have an effect both positively and negatively on how a site preforms and ranks organically in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

It’s important to keep up to date with all algorithm updates as they can cause some major implications for site performance. Although Google never discloses any specific details about their updates they do provide a general overview to point site owners in the right direction, should any potential impacts need amending. 

Hereunder we cover an overview of the latest Google Algorithm updates to keep you best informed. 

September 2022 - Google's September Core Update

On 26.09.2022 Google finished the rollout of its latest core update. This Google algorithm update is a global one, targeting all online content across all regions and languages.

August 2022 - Google’s Helpful Content Update 

On 25.08.2022 Google started rolling out its helpful content update which it had announced a week earlier. The goal of the update is to better identify content that has been created with the search engine rather than the end user in mind.

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