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Client Overview

Hubject is the world’s largest international eRoaming network. Solving the issue of a fragmented EV charging market, Hubject unifys market players into a consolidated and open eRoaming network. This allows drivers of electric vehicles worldwide to seamlessly charge their cars, regardless of charging provider.

Hubject has shared parallel growth with the EV market over the last several years, leading to its position as the fastest-growing eRoaming network, with over 400,000 charge points connected to its global intercharge network. With the need for Hubject to increase its brand awareness globally, acquire new customers, and reduce its reliance on in-person events. Clear Click was appointed as Hubjects digital marketing partner in 2021 to help scale and achieve their business goals and objectives.


Fragmented Reporting Structure

Much like Hubjects problem of a fragmented EV charging market, Clear Click discovered that reporting procedures of Hubject’s marketing was also fragmented, being delivered sporadically throughout each month in reduced detail than what was required by senior management. To rectify this, Clear Click strategised a monthly reporting framework, followed by quarterly reviews. This format provided all stakeholders with regular in-depth updates whilst maintaining fluidity of the work being carried out by both Clear Click and Hubject.

Limited Budget Planning & Investment Allocation Forecast

Clear Click ensures total transparency with media spend, allowing for all stakeholders to see where, and how, budgets are being used. Prior to Clear Clicks appointment, Hubject had minimal documentation of the marketing departments yearly budget allocation. This made it problematic for the marketing department to forecast performance.

High Translation Cost for Google Ads

Hubjects way of managing campaigns in countries that do not natively speak English required the translation of every word and phrase into another language. Initially, this way of working appeared to be logical to capture relevant user queries. However, Clear Click found the translation services required were becoming a large expense to Hubjects media budget. Investment that Clear Click believed could be better spent on acquiring new customers.


Delivering a New Reporting Structure

Clear Click learned of Hubjects pain point, understood their expectations, and delivered a reporting structure that was fit for purpose. The new reporting framework reduced the inflow of ad hoc reporting requests for Hubjects internal marketing team by 40%, freeing up valuable time and producing a more efficient working partnership between Clear Click and Hubject.

Introducing Budget Modelling & Forecasting Performance to Influence Stakeholders

Modelling yearly budgets in google sheets, Clear Clicks data analytics team was able to show Hubject where best to spend their paid media budget, based on historical data provided, in 2022. This enabled the marketing department to secure an extra £40,000 to spend on digital channels in 2022.

Reducing Translation Cost for Google Ads to Reinvest Back Into Advertising

Clear Clicks SEO and PPC teams came together to explore solutions. Identifying German to be the only language with keyword search volumes large enough to serve on Google Ads. At the time, this would be the only market that would benefit from translation services. By identifying this at an early stage, Clear Click saved Hubject an estimated £30,000 throughout 2021 which was reinvested into media planning and execution.

Increasing Leads to the Business by 610% Year on Year

Clear Click identified Google Ads as the advertising channel that would provide Hubject with the capability to scale globally and acquire new customers. Clear Click structured the advertising at a geographical level, therefore localising the advertising and providing an extremely relevant customer journey.

This granular approach provided Hubject and Clear Click with deep geographical insights which enabled the ability to clearly identify which geographic locations should be focused on. With more budget allocated to these high value geographic locations, Clear Click was able to deliver a 610% increase in new customer acquisition in 2021.


Reducing monthly ad hoc reporting tasks for the in-house marketing team by 40%. Secured an extra £40,000 in ad spend using performance forecasting. Reduced media spending by £30,000 by highlighting the reduced need for translation services.


Using deep geographic insights, Clear Click identified high-value areas for media budget to be invested in, successfully growing new customer acquisition in 2021 by 610% year on year.


Introduced yearly performance forecasting and budget modelling resulting in an extra £40,000 to be secured by Hubjects digital marketing team.


Identified the reduced importance of translation services in target markets, saving £30,000 and which was reinvested into media spend.


Very professional team and always available for both SEO and SEM services! Would strongly recommend their services.

Alessandra Bosco
Head of Marketing

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