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MCM Beauty is dedicated to bringing luxurious hair and beauty products from around the world to Australian shores.
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Client Overview

MCM Beauty once operated solely as a wholesaler to distribute hair and beauty products from around the world to salons across Australia. In 2021, the business began to refocus its direct to consumer operations, alongside wholesale. This would give consumers the opportunity to buy luxury hair and beauty products, without the requirement to buy large quantities or be salon owners.

MCM beauty are official suppliers of brand names such as Christophe Robin, HairVac, Anti Collective, Ibiza Hair Tools, les huilettes, and Beauty Dept

Clear Click was appointed to fulfill the client requirements of growing revenue of the online store through new customer acquisition, and developing a direct to consumer strategy using digital marketing and strategic business consultancy.


A newly established online store with very little exposure or brand presence. Small amounts of infrequent website visitors with no clearly defined strategy on how to increase online sales.

Of the few website visitors, there was an identified issue with low purchase rates. Although users were visiting and browsing the products, there was something holding users back when it came to purchasing from the online store.

Our conservative budget meant that we had to test and learn as efficiently as possible. We understood that our overall goal was to increase sales and we decided to do that through the most cost effective way possible, generating our client record breaking revenues and increasing their brand awareness.


Increasing online sales with Google Ads

There are a multitude of components to think about when it comes to new websites. One of the most important factors when starting out with a fresh website and low brand awareness is understanding how to acquire and sustain visitors, eventually turning them into customers.

As the client's store was newly established, the expectation was for Clear Click to grow revenue at scale. Therefore, a Google Shopping Ads strategy was established to ensure users searching for relevant products would be served an ad at the very top of the search engine results pages. This ensures that relevant users are being prompted to visit the website. Given the nature of shopping ads, the users who do click the ads are already pre-qualified to purchase by seeing an ad containing product imagery, pricing, and shipping costs. Since launching Google Shopping Ads, the client has achieved advertising revenue growth of 300% year on year, with 15% of all online purchases now being attributed to Google Shopping Ads on a monthly basis.

Reducing friction in the buying process with

At Clear Click, we understand the importance of building reputation and have a holistic view on ways to improve the online customer experience. For these reasons, Clear Click works in partnership with to provide clients with an intuitive platform which can be used to aggregate customer reviews, deploying them across websites, product pages, and integrating them into advertising campaigns.

With the goal of creating an ecommerce store that can scale, we knew that by generating reviews and managing the client reputation we would have a chance of creating a snowball effect, whereby social proofing would increase the number of sales over time. Since integrating social-proofing on the website, we have seen online transactions grow by 200% year on year.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Generating organic traffic to a website is the most cost effective way of doing so, and one of the key ways to achieve this is through Search Engine Optimisation. However, it can be a long process involving multiple facets to rank on page one of search engine results pages.

Our initial audit of the website pages showed that one of the most critical warnings that required our attention were the product names. Product names are extremely important for ecommerce businesses, being the first thing that a potential customer will see, before deciding to click on the product listing.Using our in-house 14-step product title optimisation strategy, Clear Click was able to optimise product titles so they could be easily read by Google, and designed for the user in mind, front-loading the most important information about the product. By optimising product titles alone, Clear Click successfully increased the click-through rate of organic listings by 3.4% resulting in higher levels of highly relevant traffic with commercial intent that could be converted into customers.


Integrating a review platform with the product pages of the website increased sales by 300% year-on-year. Choosing Google Ads to advertise with conservative budgets increased online sales, and this channel is now responsible for 15% of all online purchases on a monthly basis. Using organic tactics like optimising product pages increased our organic listing CTR by 3.5% which allowed the online store to benefit from higher levels of relevant traffic with commercial intent.


Increasing online sales using Google Ads, resulting in 15% of all online purchases now being attributed to Google Ads on a monthly basis.


Optimising product titles increased organic listing CTR by 3.4%, increasing relevant traffic with commercial intent to the website.


Integrated a review platform with the website, product pages, and Google Ads, allowing for a 300% increase in online sales year on year by reducing friction in the users buying process.


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