How Clear Click Helped Hubject Expand Their Network Across Borders

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Client Overview

Hubject is the world's largest and fastest-growing international eRoaming network, unifying market players and providing seamless charging solutions for electric vehicle drivers across the globe. With over 400,000 charge points connected to its global intercharge network, Hubject has been a leader in the EV industry's parallel growth over the past several years. To increase its brand awareness, acquire new customers, and reduce its reliance on in-person events, Hubject partnered with Clear Click in 2021. As Hubject's digital marketing partner, Clear Click continues to help scale the business and achieve its objectives on a global scale.


Improving fragmented marketing reporting

Clear Click discovered that Hubject's marketing reporting procedures were fragmented, with sporadic reports delivered throughout the month and insufficient detail provided to senior management. To address this challenge, Clear Click developed a monthly reporting framework followed by quarterly reviews, which provided stakeholders with regular, in-depth updates while maintaining flexibility for both Clear Click and Hubject to carry out their work. By implementing this structured reporting process, Clear Click was able to improve the quality and frequency of reporting, resulting in a more efficient and effective marketing strategy for Hubject.

Enhancing budget planning and investment forecasting

Hubject had minimal documentation of the marketing department's yearly budget allocation prior to Clear Click's appointment, which made it difficult for the marketing team to forecast performance. Clear Click addressed this challenge by implementing a transparent media spend system that allowed all stakeholders to see where and how budgets were being used. With this system, Clear Click ensured total transparency with media spend, making it easier for the marketing department to plan and allocate budgets effectively. By improving the budget planning and investment forecasting processes, Clear Click was able to help Hubject achieve better results with their marketing campaigns.

Reducing translation cost for Google Ads

Hubject's approach to managing campaigns in non-English-speaking countries involved translating every word and phrase, which initially seemed logical for capturing relevant user queries. However, Clear Click discovered that the translation services required were becoming a significant expense for Hubject's media budget, which could have been better spent on acquiring new customers. To address this challenge, Clear Click implemented a more cost-effective approach to translation, leveraging machine translation tools and working closely with in-market partners to ensure accuracy and relevancy. This resulted in significant cost savings for Hubject's media budget while maintaining the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Streamlining reporting procedures

Clear Click addressed Hubject's fragmented reporting procedures by designing and implementing a new reporting framework that was tailored to meet their needs. The new reporting structure reduced the number of ad hoc reporting requests by 40%, freeing up valuable time for Hubject's internal marketing team and improving the efficiency of the partnership between Clear Click and Hubject. By delivering a reporting structure that was fit for purpose, Clear Click helped Hubject achieve better results with their marketing campaigns.

Optimising Budget Planning and Performance Forecasting

Clear Click's data analytics team utilised Google Sheets to model yearly budgets and identify the best allocation of Hubject's paid media budget based on historical data. By demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach, Clear Click was able to secure an additional £40,000 for Hubject's digital channels in 2021/22. With more accurate budget planning and forecasting, Hubject was able to maximise their marketing impact and make better-informed decisions about their investment in digital channels. This helped to drive increased traffic to Hubject's eRoaming network and improve their overall marketing performance.

Cost-effective Google Ads campaigns to maximise advertising investment

To address the high cost of translating campaigns in non-English speaking countries, Clear Click's SEO and PPC teams collaborated to find a solution. Through keyword research and analysis, they discovered that German was the only language with search volumes large enough to justify translation services. By focusing on this market, Clear Click was able to save Hubject an estimated £25,000 in translation costs throughout 2021/22. These savings were then reallocated to other media channels, allowing Hubject to broaden their reach and increase their overall marketing impact. By maximising the efficiency of Hubject's Google Ads campaigns, Clear Click was able to deliver better results while reducing costs.

Achieving 610% year-on-year growth in lead generation

Clear Click implemented a targeted Google Ads strategy for Hubject, focusing on geographic relevance to ensure a more personalised and effective customer journey. By leveraging this granular approach, Clear Click and Hubject gained valuable insights into high-value geographic locations and allocated more budget to these areas. This resulted in a 610% increase in new customer acquisition in 2021/22. Clear Click's data analytics team continuously monitored the campaigns, optimising them to improve performance and drive maximum results.


Clear Click addressed Hubject's challenges by introducing a new reporting structure, budget modeling and forecasting, reducing translation costs for Google Ads, and optimizing Google Ads to increase new customer acquisition. The solutions provided more efficient working partnerships, more transparency with budget allocation, and deeper insights into geographic targeting, ultimately helping Hubject to scale globally and acquire new customers.


Clear Click delivered a successful media strategy that identified high-value areas for budget investment, resulting in a 610% YoY growth in new customer acquisition in 2021/22.


Clear Click introduced budget modelling and yearly performance forecasting to help Hubject's digital marketing team secure an additional budget of £40,000.


Clear Click identified a more cost-effective approach to translation services, saving Hubject £25,000 which was then reinvested into media spend to further support their advertising efforts.


How Clear Click Helped Hubject Expand Their Network Across Borders
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How Clear Click Helped Hubject Expand Their Network Across Borders

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