MCM Beauty's Direct-to-Consumer Success Story

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Client Overview

MCM Beauty a premier hair and beauty wholesaler in Australia, embarked on a project to expand its market reach through direct-to-consumer sales. With a vision to partner with top luxury brands and carve a niche in the online marketplace, the company faced the challenge of limited resources. Clear Click was appointed to spearhead this digital transformation, tasked with driving online revenue growth through a crafted direct-to-consumer marketing strategy.

MCM beauty are official suppliers of brand names such as Larry King, Christophe Robin, HairVac, Anti Collective, Ibiza Hair Tools, les huilettes, and Beauty Dept.


Despite its ambitious goals, MCM Beauty's journey began with significant hurdles, including limited resources and a lean team, which posed challenges in scaling their online presence. Initial website traffic and sales were low, prompting the need for a strategic overhaul.


PPC Advertising - Google Shopping

Our targeted PPC campaign through Google Shopping Ads enhanced MCM Beauty's visibility online, driving pre-qualified traffic to the website. This strategy alone grew online revenue by 400% year-on-year, demonstrating the power of precise ad placements and comprehensive product data.

SEO Optimisation

Our SEO efforts led to a steep increase in organic traffic, with a 615% rise in sessions and a 611% increase in new users to the website. Our strategic focus on product titles and enriched data optimisation not only improved the click-through rate by 3.4% but also resulted in a staggering 600% increase in online conversions and a 1,425% boost in total revenue year-on-year.

Enhanced Social Proofing with Reviews.io

Implementing a robust review aggregation strategy using Reviews.io significantly lifted the brand's credibility. This tactic not only supported our organic and paid product listings but was pivotal in achieving strong growth in online transactions, highlighting the value of social proofing in e-commerce. This tactic helped MCM Beauty earn the title of “top quality store” in Australia, an award badge earned by providing a positive shopping experience and rating “exceptional” across Google’s shopping experience metrics.

Email Marketing with Klaviyo

Integrating Klaviyo into MCM Beauty's Shopify platform, Clear Click deployed an email marketing strategy with custom-designed templates and targeted workflows, enhancing customer engagement and retention. Our re-engagement workflows incentivised repeat purchases, contributing to a 25% increase in repeat customer sales, while our abandoned cart workflow effectively recovered 40% of abandoned shopping sessions, leading to a noticeable 20% uplift in overall revenue. These initiatives focused on personalisation and timely engagement, solidifying customer loyalty sales opportunities, showcasing the impact creative email marketing and sophisticated automation can have in e-commerce.

Paid Social Campaigns

Leveraging Meta Ads, Clear Click matched the power of brand awareness and retargeting tactics to significantly broaden MCM Beauty's audience reach. By deploying the client's engaging content across Meta platforms, we not only heightened brand visibility but also effectively recaptured the interest of previously engaged consumers. This targeted approach allowed us to expand our reach to a wider audience, achieving a 35% increase in brand engagement year on year.


Clear Click's strategic interventions across multiple digital marketing channels have not only elevated MCM Beauty's online presence but have also been transformative for its business model. By focusing on PPC, SEO, review aggregation, email marketing, and paid social campaigns, we've delivered a holistic growth marketing solution that significantly improved MCM Beauty's bottom line and positioned the brand for sustained growth and success in the competitive e-commerce space.


Clear Click's Google Shopping Ads strategy increase online revenue by 400% in the first year of our partnership.


Product title optimisation boosted organic listing CTR by 3.4%, driving more relevant and valuable traffic with minimal capital investment.



MCM Beauty's Direct-to-Consumer Success Story
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MCM Beauty's Direct-to-Consumer Success Story

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