Amplifying Global Reach and Lead Generation via SEO for Myagi's Pre-Acquisition Journey


Client Overview

Myagi is a prominent global SaaS business that specialises in digitising knowledge transfer processes, recently underwent an acquisition making them part of Rallyware. Their innovative solution empowers companies to seamlessly share knowledge across various channels, resulting in improved sales and stronger partner relationships.


Before partnering with Clear Click, Myagi faced several challenges that hindered their online presence and lead generation efforts:

  • Limited Online Visibility: Despite being an industry leader, Myagi struggled to rank prominently on search engines, impeding their ability to attract organic traffic from their target audience.

  • Inconsistent Indexing: Myagi's website experienced indexing issues, leading to lower search engine visibility and reduced organic traffic.

  • Untapped International Markets: Myagi aimed to expand their global footprint, but lacked a targeted international SEO strategy.


Improved Technical SEO and Indexing

Clear Click conducted a thorough technical SEO audit, identifying and rectifying issues that hampered Myagi's website indexing. By addressing these concerns, we not only improved their website's overall performance but also witnessed a significant increase in organic traffic.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Our team conducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant and high-value keywords within the industry. This research formed the foundation of our content and SEO strategies, ensuring that Myagi's website would attract the right audience.

Strategic Content Strategy

Clear Click developed a comprehensive content strategy that focused on producing high-quality, informative, and engaging content tailored to Myagi's target audience. This approach aimed to establish Myagi as an authority in the field, driving organic traffic and increasing user engagement.

International SEO Strategy

Recognising Myagi's expansion goals, we implemented an international SEO strategy to capture untapped markets. By optimising the website for different languages, cultures, and regions, we aimed to increase their global visibility and drive traffic from diverse geographical locations.


Improved Organic Search Traffic: Clear Click's efforts led to a remarkable increase in organic search traffic, with a 68% rise in overall organic sessions within the first six months. This surge in traffic demonstrated the success of the technical SEO improvements and content strategy.

Enhanced User Engagement: Time spent on Myagi's website witnessed a remarkable 42% increase. The optimised content not only attracted visitors but also retained them longer, showcasing the effectiveness of the content strategy.

Expanded Keyword Portfolio: With Clear Click's strategic keyword research and content creation, Myagi's website saw a 52% increase in the number of keywords ranking within the top 10 search results, leading to improved visibility and higher click-through rates.

International Reach: Myagi's global expansion efforts were bolstered by our international SEO strategy, resulting in a 120% increase in organic traffic from international markets. This newfound visibility solidified Myagi's presence in diverse regions.

Lead Generation Boost: The holistic approach to SEO implemented by Clear Click culminated in a 38% increase in lead generation. The improved organic traffic, engagement, and international reach collectively contributed to this significant growth.


Rise in organic sessions


Increase in organic lead generation


Increase in international website traffic


Amplifying Global Reach and Lead Generation via SEO for Myagi's Pre-Acquisition Journey
Amplifying Global Reach and Lead Generation via SEO for Myagi's Pre-Acquisition Journey

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